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My Dad and Me

Yes you wont believe my words. I am 22 years old and I go completely nude before my Dad (at times) .My Dad does not get freaked nor do I. There is nothing sexual in this. It is pure Dad-Daughter relationship.

I would like to tell the readers that the following narration does not contain anything relating to SEX.It is just an act of love(true love and not lust) between my dad and me.

If anyone is interested in just incest or sex please dont read further this narration is not for persons with a sick mind.

But If you leave without reading you will surely miss something really noble.
I think there is no harm in reading further.

It was a sunny afternoon and I was returning from my college when that accident happened.I was hit by a speeding youngster in his bike. I was thrown out on the pavement. I sustained injuries and had fractured both my arms.

After a week at the hospitals I was discharged and I went to my home with hard casts of plaster of paris in both the arms. Since my mom had died a few years ago the responsibility of nursing me back to health fell on my dad who was in his late 40's.

My dad appointed a nurse to look after me and everything went on well till the nurse was available. soon after the first week the nurse didnt come to her duty.Later we learnt that she had got a job with more salary in the US(damn the globalisation) and all our efforts to find another nurse failed.

So my dad took a leave for the day and stayed at the house to look after me till we could get a nurse. I felt acute pain in my hands that day so my dad called the doctor and he came and checked me and told my hands were getting well. Before leaving the house he complained of the smelly nature in my room.My dad told him that I havent taken bath since the Nurse left.He told my dad to arrange for a bath for me.He told my dad to be carefull and not let the castings get wet while bathing.

But since we couldnot find a nurse the bath was postponed but fate didnt think so. I had a very good nights sleep that night thanks to the drugs. When I woke the next morning i found my room too smelly.Then only I realized I had peed in my bed itself(later it was learnt due to the high medication i had not been able to control myself during my sleep).

The situation "I was smelling awful and I have to take a bath".
The deadlock "No nurse to do the ritual"

My nurse dialled for many hospitals to find a nurse but to no use(almost all the hospitals had ran out of nurses-isnt it funny).

As a last ditch effort he asked me wether he could call any of his colleague's wife to come and give me a bath.Almost everyone said something or the other and rejected our obligation.
Then by around 12'o clock in the morning my dad came to my room with some polythene sheets
in his hands.Tied them around my casts and told me to wait in the bathroom.

I was wearing a loose fitting T-shirt like hospital gown top with strings attached.With the help of a nurse I could wear those things without lifting my hands(just strings to be tied around).And a nice polka dotted pyjama trousers.

I could not stop guessing myself what would happen next.My father was to give me(a girl in her late teens)a bath.My heart started to palpitate at a furious rate.After some minutes(minutes looked like hours to me)my dad came in.

He threw a glance at me."People used to say glances can tell what even a hundred words can't tell " and that glance told that get ready for your bath.

He seated me on a stool set in the bathroom and gently started to remove the strings of my T-top.
And within seconds those things were off of my body.And then I stood up and my father pulled my trousers down and threw it in to the washing pile.I was standing before my dad with just my bra(the ones without straps) and panties(that too peed ones).Just imagine placing yourself in this stage.Isnt it quite freightning.But I felt it to be a fun and fear mixed feeling(Instead of butterflies fluttering in my stomach I felt dinosaurs running around).

The situation was far from over indeed it had actually begun.
My father knelt before me, placed his hands on my hip and pulled down my panties(ya that same peed ones) to my knee levels and quickly threw it to the washing pile.Well the situation has now degraded more now not even a 2 piece dressing just a single piece dressing in front of my dad.

Though all sorts of human created dressings were removed(apart from the castings in my hands)my thick forest of pubic hairs were concealing my cunt perfectly.

Then he asked me to shit If I would like to.Yes my dad asked me to shit.
I sat on the lavatory and shitted(Oxford dictionary explains shitting as follows: Have a bowel movement) and got up.My dad without even looking at the crap that I have created flushed it down the gutter.Then took out a piece of tissue paper and with great hatred cleaned my anus.

Then I went and stood below the shower my dad opened the shower and let the water flow for some time(my casting stayed well protected under those polythene sheets).Then he took the shampoo bottle gave it a thorough shake and applied them on my waist long hair and gave them a good wash.This was the moment I started to like this bath.

He was behind me giving my hair a clean wash then he parted my hair into equal halves and let them fall on my breasts.Then suddenly I was robbed(or robe) even of the last piece of my clothing.Yes my father removed my bras too.The act of parting my hair was to cover my breasts carefull dad.

Then he took the soap and applied it on my face first and asked me not to open my eyes because the soap might enter my eyes and cause irritation.So my eyes were closed(this was the reason why the soap was applied on my face first and not at last as usual).Perfect setup that would not humiliate my dad or me.

With my eyes closed my dad moved to the other parts of my body my back,my stomach,my thighs,my legs,my buttocks carefully excluding my breasts and groin areas. The soap applying stopped for some time and then my hair was lifted and was put back to cover my back.

I could not express how I actually felt at this moment.So I leave it to your imagination.My dads hand applied soap on my breasts.Those well grown guavas were being touched by a male for the first time.In the excitement I could feel my nipples standing hard.I tried hard not to open my eyes.The touch was not nice and romantic it was in a quick manner.I could understand this was due to a father touching his daughter and nothing else was wrong.

Then the hands stopped rubbing my breasts and after a brief moment I could feel them on my vagina.Both the hands were busy creating a foam in my pubic hairs.Around this moment my father must sure have had a hard on but I could not see it because-yes you guessed it right I was Blind(temporarily).

My orgasms were at their peak.But no way to subdue them.At this moment the Phone bell rang and my dad went to pick it up and came in after a few minutes all the soap had dried and were sticking tight to my skin.My father opened the shower.The water rubbed off all the foam it could and my father scrubbed off the determinant ones which had become determinant due to drying.Some of those determinant ones where on my breasts too.My dad went behind me and got hold of my full grown guavas(breasts) with both his hands and in the pretext of scrubbing of the foam squeezed those things till I felf pain.

This time was not in a quich manner it was seducing and romantic.Though I was not asked to close my eyes I closed them and enjoyed them.Then my father came to my front.He was also drenched wet,I could see the bulge in his trousers.I was there to receive that dick of him but It was not to happen for ever.

Then he washed of my groin area and closed the shower. He went out took a towel a came to dry me.He dried my hair first and all the other areas in order.This time too he gave importance to my breasts.He pressed them well in the pretext of drying me.He removed the protective sheets around my castings they were bone dry(this did not matter for now).The drying was also over.He tied the towel around my torso and asked me to go to my room and wait.

I stood in my room thinking of the incidents that have happened within the last half an hour.My dad came in opened my closet took a bra(another strap less one) and a panty.He removed the towel and I was full naked once again. I lifted one of my legs and my dad slipped the panties through my legs and then the bra went to its proper position.So I was atleast dressed for now.And then he dressed me in my hospital tops and pyjamas.

The whole day went as if nothing had happened.My father and I spoke as usual.I was expecting the same to happen the next day but I was disappointed my father told it would be nice to take bath once every 3 days.

But both of us would love to take a bath the full day but who would bell the cat.I belled the cat.I once againg peed and the bathing act repeated itself to our delight.

Whenever I thought of going nude I would pee blaming on the medication.My father also stopped the search for a nurse.

But after sometime the bathing started to change drastically.

My eyes were not closed with foam they were left to see whatever they liked.

My dad used every opportunity to feel my breasts with both his hands and I was able to get orgasms more frequently and my dad got his erections frequently.

My dad would tie the towel around me and send me to my room but I would loosen the towel and prefer standing nude in my room blaming my hands not able to tie them.

Within a month my fractures had healed well and it was time to remove those castings and go in for some physiotherapy for my arms.

And my nude Bathing sessions stopped abruptly.

One day they were screening "Basic Instinct" on HBO.I was watching the movie and was aroused very much by it.My dad came home in the evening.

I felt sexy and romantic I went fully dressed to my dad and asked him to give me a bath.He too did not hesitate : he undressed me,gave me a bath,squeezed my breasts,got an erection and things went as if nothing happened.

So whenever I felt romantic or sexy I would ask my dad to give a bath.
And whenever he felt sexy too I would go for a bath even if it is for the 3rd time a day.

I felt romantic very frequently but my father felt romantic only at times.But when he got horny the bath was a different experience.At those instances I would get an Oil massage and an Hot water bath.The Oil massage was to feel my body to its fullest.During such massages my Breasts would be squeezed in such a hard way I will feel the pain for the next 2 or 3 days.But no pain no gain goes the saying.

This has been happening for a year now.

During one such oil massage bath I could not control myself and I planted a deep french kiss on my fathers.I quickly transferred all the contents of my mouth to his.He too joined the act and repeated it and sucked my breasts for some seconds and suddenly left the room and went to his room and shut himself.I think I had crossed the limits that day.From that day on I never Indulge in such activities.

Still now we havent had any sexual intercourse.I could not say why.I think we had banned ourselves(no one would know if we had sex) from performing intercourse.It had been an unwritten rule like respecting each others dignity(I think so).

I could not say what is the relationship within us.I would say it is not incest which you might not accept.

Only god knows the answer to this puzzle.

Well this describes the difference between True affection and lust or INCEST.In this case you can tell whatever you like LOVE,INCEST or anything that comes to your mind. But I would say there is a thin red line between TRUE LOVE and INCEST if you keep off that line any relationship would be a true one. It depends upon your mind set.

Ask for yourself
1)Havent you been seen nude by Your Mother/Dad?
2)Havent you Suckled from your Mother?
3)You have seen your Mother nude(during birth) but you were too young to remember.
4)Still today many tribes in the world remain Nude.
5)Many Sadhus(especially Jains) remain nude.

Then why do you tell It as INCEST if you do the same thing now.

All these Dress,society,this and that are result of over commercialisation of our world. These things were normal just 50,60 odd years ago but now it is considered a TABOO.

You fear even the thought of going nude on the road,but you visit a nude sadhu an complete stranger along with your family and get his blessings.

We Indians where gifted with these philosophical thoughts and we were different from the rest of the world.But now we do dumb things like running callcentres and BPO's.

This body is just a bag of bones and flesh what matters is the soul Inside.Whatever you do to the body will not affect your soul anyway?

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